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Sublimation transfer printing principle

The sublimation method generally goes through three processes: before the transfer process, all the dyes are in the printing film on the paper, the concentration of the dye in the printed fabric and the air gap is zero, and the size of the air gap depends on the structure of the fabric and the yarn count. And transfer pressure; during the transfer process, when the paper reaches the transfer temperature, the dye begins to volatilize or sublimate, and a concentration of volatilization is formed between the paper and the fiber. When the printed fabric reaches the transfer temperature, dye adsorption starts on the surface of the fiber until A certain saturation value is reached. Since the transfer of dye from paper to fiber is ongoing, the rate of adsorption depends on the rate at which the dye diffuses into the interior of the fiber. In order to allow the dye to diffusely, the vacuum is often drawn on the lower side of the bottom of the dye to achieve the targeted diffusion and transfer; after the transfer process, after the dye is colored, the dye content on the paper decreases, and some of the remaining dye migrates to The amount of residual dye in the interior of the paper depends on the vapor pressure of the dye, the affinity of the dye to the slurry or transfer paper, and the thickness of the printed film. The sublimation method generally does not require wet treatment, which saves energy and reduces the load of sewage treatment.
In addition to synthetic fabrics, transfer printing can also be used for the printing of natural fiber and its blended fabrics. It has the following advantages:
No water, no sewage;
The process is short, and the finished product is finished after printing. It does not require post-treatment processes such as steaming and washing.
The pattern is fine, the layer is rich and clear, the art is high, the three-dimensional sense is strong, and it is out of print for the general method, and can print the pattern of photography and painting style;
The printing is brightly colored, and during the sublimation process, the tar in the dye remains on the transfer paper and does not contaminate the fabric;
The authenticity rate is high, and multiple sets of color patterns can be printed at one time without shifting;
The flexibility is strong, and the customer can print out in a short period of time after selecting the pattern.


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