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Thermal transfer process and category

(1) Using a computer to process pictures
(2) Printing pictures using printers and thermal transfer paper
(3) Transfer pictures using a small printing heat transfer machine
Using the temperature and pressure of the heat transfer machine, the picture on the transfer paper is transferred onto the substrate, which is the thermal transfer paper; the transfer printing paper is controlled by a certain time, temperature and pressure, and the picture is printed on the cloth. ;

The categories are divided into:
Commonly used transfer papers are sublimation paper imported from Japan, and C-AW thermal transfer paper imported from the United States:
Japan's imported sublimation paper is used in chemical fiber fabrics, clothing and apparel fabrics, photo banners, flags, ribbons, ceramics, metal, plastic, mugs, etc., and the fabric series is limited to non-cotton light-colored heat transfer. C-AW heat transfer paper imported from the United States is used in different fabrics, cotton and chemical fiber heat transfer can be used, new developed products, good effect, good hand feeling.
The special thermal transfer paper for digital thermal transfer has simple operation and low cost, but it is only suitable for DIY for various reasons, and it is a personalized souvenir. It is not suitable for mass production.
Imported thermal transfer papers are commonly used in life: 29.7cm 42 or 43cm 61cm. Generally, these three types are commonly used in thermal transfer processing.


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